How To Tell If You Need A New Oven

how to tell if you need a new oven

Ovens, like all appliances, need to be taken care of reasonably. When an appliance is not cared for properly it will eventually break down and need to be replaced. Knowing what the warning signs are when it comes to your oven is key in order to know when you should replace it. Let’s take a look at some common warning signs that may indicate when you should consider replacing your oven.

Oven won’t heat up: With this issue there are many things that could cause it, but generally speaking if your oven won’t heat up there is usually a problem with the circuitry or wiring of the unit. This could be a problem caused by your local power company and not necessarily a flaw in the appliance itself.

Oven is hard to clean or spills burn into the oven: This issue can be indicative of several different issues that all have similar end results. Usually when something has burned onto your oven, it’s because you haven’t been cleaning it enough. As simple as that sounds, sometimes people just simply don’t care to do it. When you neglect to properly clean an oven, over time dust and debris builds up on the heating elements which can cause what is known as “carbonized drippings.” These carbonized burn marks are much harder to remove than regular soot from a dirty oven. If your oven door becomes warped or if the oven is difficult to clean in general, this is usually a pretty good indication that your oven needs to be replaced.

Oven smokes: When an oven begins to smoke it’s most likely because of excess grease and food debris buildup on the heating elements. It’s important to properly ventilate your oven. When the heating elements get over-greased, the surface will smoke and cause problems with your oven’s wiring and circuitry. If you follow proper guidelines when cooking and clean your appliances regularly they should last several years before needing replacement.

Oven racks don’t slide well: After years of use, your oven rack slides wear out and the wheel bearings rust after continuous exposure to moisture. This causes your racks to slide in and out very roughly or not at all. 

Oven generates heat when not in use: If your oven has become difficult to cool down, this usually indicates that your heating elements may be failing prematurely. After cooking, excess smoke needs to be allowed to leave the appliance naturally, which means that it must have proper ventilation during use and while cooling down between uses. A lack of ventilation can cause build up on your heating element, making them overheat and consequently fail much earlier than usual. Another common warning sign is excessive fan noise coming from inside your oven. 

The oven door window is cracked: Overtime with constant use it is very common for oven door glass to crack or spiderweb as the glass gets older. This is usually due to the high heat temperatures when cooking food.

A new oven can be an investment. So, it’s important to keep in mind the signs that your oven needs a replacement. If you need help deciding if now is the time for a new appliance or if a simple repair can solve your problem, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to give us a call when you need assistance with your oven! 

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